Mall Advertising

Reach consumers in a shopping mood with mall advertising.

Mall advertising can put your message in front of people from all walks of life as they head to these popular retail destinations for shopping and entertainment.

Today's malls are busy and upscale advertising environments full of excellent opportunities to make contact with your target audience. Located at entrances and key traffic locations, mall kiosk displays provide great visibility. These large backlit displays are frequent destinations for visitors using the directory.

In addition to traditional dioramas, many malls are now incorporating digital displays. These high definition screens allow advertisers to use full motion video to create dynamic and engaging content. Other media options to supplement your campaign, and to reach shoppers at multiple points during their trip can include: Door and window clings can greet shoppers as they arrive. Banners create a dominant presence in larger open areas. Floor graphics can be placed near elevators, directories, or other key traffic points. And, full table top wraps can be placed in the food court where your message will spend an extended amount of time with your audience.