Public Utility Advertising

What is public utility?

Public utility advertising, as the name suggests makes use of a public convenience facility built on roads, markets and junctions, for the purpose of advertising as well. Gradually this has now evolved into a very effective advertising opportunity for marketers.

Use of Public Utility in Advertising

Companies today themselves build and maintain public toilets in busy areas to serve the dual purpose of social responsibility as well as advertising. These utilities offer large format display opportunities to fill the void of billboards that are not allowed in many parts of the country. If the target is pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic, public utilities are one of the best options. Their positioning offers eye-level advertising and hence they are visible from far-off places as well.

Generally the shape of a public utility is as such that it can accommodate three creative executions at the same time. It depends on the owner and the advertiser for whether these three designated area are used for same or different advertising. Indeed all three panels get a view from three different directions and henceforth it is very feasible to use them for three different purposes also. 

It is important while making a selection for a public utility to consider the fact of observation time of the advertisement. It depends on the location of the public utility. It may vary from 5 seconds to a few minutes depending upon the location such as a busy market road or a highway.