Kiosks Advertising

Kiosks provide an effective out-of-home advertising platform to reach consumers in places such as shopping malls, colleges, cafes, airports, office buildings and trade shows. When placed strategically as a POP -- point-of-purchase -- display, kiosks provide you the opportunity to reach the consumer who is already in a spending mood. Kiosks afford small-business owners a physical presence with heavy foot traffic for a mere fraction of what brick-and-mortar spaces costs. Kiosks offer multiple formats to consider when branding.

Visit displays at various retail establishments to see examples of kiosks, and select the format on which you wish to advertise. If your budget is limited, consider a lower cost static print advertisement, which basically displays your ad in one or more panels on the side or front of the kiosk. Taller kiosks work best for vertical advertisements, while a wide kiosk is best suited for horizontal ads.