cab Advertising

Advertisements with cabs or taxis are one of the best forms of outdoor advertising. These appear at eye level with passengers and generate thousands of impressions each day as they move across the city. Advertising with taxis allows you to advertise your brand throughout the day. Cabs have no boundary limits and travel across the crowded streets of the city to high footfall regions like malls, concerts, nightclubs, offices, airports, railway stations, stadiums, etc. Advertisements on the cab body in the form of wraps or decals are very effective in terms of gaining attention. Mounted lighted ads taxi tops advertise your brand even at nights.

Why Cab Advertising?

Advertisements in Taxis are extremely effective as they have a high viewing ratio, because of the cab’s high mobility. Ads that appear on the outer body of the cab cajoles people on the streets as it travels to major consumption areas like airports, railway stations, restaurants, offices and point of purchase locations like salons, malls, etc.

Inside the cab ads again keep your brand’s message with the traveller throughout the time of the travel. Both lead to better brand recognition and brand recall. As an advertiser, you can be sure to grab mass eye balls with a single carrying your advertising message as taxis often travel to high footfall locations.

Advertise in cabs because:

  • Being on the road, these cab reach a diverse audience set spread across the entire city.
  • Display your brand exclusively on door panels, luggage boots of cabs to maximise and enhance visibility.
  • You Receive images(stamped with accurate date & location) of your Ads at the start, during and at the end of the campaign.