Metro Train & Station Advertising

Delhi Metro advertising is an ideal solution to target a captive commuter audience throughout their journey “ from the station concourse, to the platform and on the train itself is an end-to-end media story.

Metro train advertisements are properly lit through metro essential lightings and are installed in places of importance.

Benefits of Advertising

· Reaches consumers on the move

· More than 20 Lacs commuters.

· Captured audience

· Prominent size – easily noticeable

· Clutter free

· Impact full environment

· Mass appeal – convenient medium for all

· Value for money

· Higher frequency – higher retention

· Excellent support medium (reinforcing)

Why Choose us?

· Experience of over 5 years in the advertising industry.

· One Stop Solution for all your needs.

· Excellent Advertising / Media Support for all major DMRC stations.  

Formats for advertising:

· Metro Train Wraps
· Metro Station Advertisement
· Inside Metro Advertisement
· Metro Civil Structure Advertisements
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