Billboard Advertising

Billboard is the largest standard-sized billboard that delivers maximum exposure to vehicular traffic on expressways, highways and primary arteries.

Billboards are placed at the sides of roads to capture the attention of passing motorists. As the speed of the motor car increased with its development, billboards needed to be larger. The billboards needed to be larger so as to give the passing motorist enough time to take in the advertisement. 

Despite the rise of radio, television and internet advertising, the outdoor advertising industry remains stronger than ever. The modern-day billboard, like the outdoor advertising industry as a whole, are a testament to how simple, sturdy, and flexible marketing solutions can endure despite rapid innovation in marketing campaign strategies and emerging technologies.

The very fact that there is such rapid innovation in the outdoor advertising industry proves that the industry is doing well. There are a growing number of outdoor advertising companies being formed every year. This strong, consistent growth is ramping up competition within the industry and fueling innovations that continue to drive outdoor advertising to new heights of relevancy and effectiveness for those who utilize it.

Despite the invention of radio, Television and internet, the billboard advertising companies succeeded in maintaining their position as a strong marketing area. And now we see the billboards advertisement in form of posters, LED screens, Bulletins and wallscapes in the city and on highways.

Bulletins offer unparalleled visibility.

·  Large-format advertising structures located on major highways, expressways and primary arteries

·  Visible to drivers, commuters and long distance travelers

·  Command your audience’s attention with creative three-dimensional designs, moving parts and extensions