Shop Name Boards

Incorporating one of the most visible forms of outdoor advertising, Dealer Boards!

Shop Name boards display the company name, logo, retailer names, and specific product images. The boards, which are mounted on the storefront, feature both the name of the store and the product's brand. We specialise in designing and creating dealer boards for various businesses at Ginger Media Group. We use high-quality boards and printer ink to guarantee that the dealer boards last as long as possible.

  • 24X7 visibility
  • attracting the attention of people
  • trigger higher sales
  • Affordable
  • durable method of advertising

Arch Gates

To promote brand names and new temporary product offerings, arch gates are positioned in front of the store!

Arch gates are commonly used for advertising and promoting businesses and services at various fairs, exhibits, and marketplaces. The finest printing process is used to print the required advertising slogans, logos, brands, offers, etc. on selected grade polyvinyl chloride. We are committed to providing A-one Gate Advertising Arch to customers than can help in conversions.

  • simple to install
  • available in a variety of forms, patterns, and printing
  • visibility
  • reach the masses
  • can result in instant sales